Reality? Nah.


I’m not sure that I bought into the idea behind Mad Money. Sure the movie is purely fictional and made for entertainment purposes only but this was a bit of a stretch. C’mon, even if this were possible, in this day and age, someone would have thought of this scheme by now. It’s too simple. Not to mention the heightened security measures taken by federal agencies. I just can’t get past the actual reality of how this would NEVER work. We’re talking about the National Treasury here – not your local bank. Don’t get me wrong. The movie has a great cast and some comedic highlights. If you’re looking for a comedy about three women who find a way to “beat the system”, albeit unrealistically, then you might enjoy this film. Check it out for yourself.


Legendary Story


I Am Legend is a remake from the book, of the same title, originally penned in 1954 by Richard Matheson. This version of the story occurs in modern times with a look into the future. The special effects are nothing short of spectacular; think “Day After Tomorrow” in terms of sweeping, vast, cavernous CGI shots of Manhattan following a catastrophic event. 

While the movie was impressive in terms of special effects, equally impressive was the “human” element. I couldn’t help but to observe the similarities between Will Smith’s character and Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Both men were forced to live a life of isolation and must learn to deal with all the emotions that “accompany” their loss. Initially there is only one main character and therefore there is not a lot of dialogue. Another character/sidekick does exist however neither has speaking roles but charismatic nonetheless.

Consider yourself warned, this movie is not about surviving a natural disaster, as in the previously mentioned movies, rather it is something more sinister.

Another romantic comedy

Fresh from the Valentines Day bliss; I thought it was time to post a light-hearted film. Calling all “lovers” of romantic comedies; I Could Never Be Your Woman is the movie for you. This movie observes the life of a single, working mother who is raising a 13 year old daughter. Michelle Pfeiffer’s character has her hands full and doesn’t have time for anything else….that is until fate intervenes (with a few visits from mother nature). Pfeiffer stars as a sitcom writer who meets a charming, young actor during his audition for one of her shows. While you may be thinking “This film has already been done”; this one is a bit different.

There is a lot of physical comedy commingled with innuendo and satire. Overall this was a wonderful, feel-good movie about the possibility of finding love in your 40s even if that love is accompanied by someone much younger. On the topic of age, this movie addresses society’s obsession with youth. After all, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts rather it’s what is inside that really matters. If you check-out this film – I hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts.

Contentious Connection

The Kingdom is a fictional film based upon current, real-life events surrounding the often contentious relationship between America and Saudi Arabia. In truth, The Kingdom does exist however it is referred to as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For most Americans; Saudi Arabia is associated as being the largest exporter of oil and more recently with terrorism.

The movie begins with a brief explanation of how relations began between the two countries. To give viewers fair warning; be prepared to view the realities of everyday life for both Americans and Arabs. The Kingdom is best described as part action-part psychological thriller surrounding an investigation into a terrorist-related war crime. This movie is a wild ride that ends with a revelation into the complexities of opposing cultures.

Teenage rebellion and angst


As the poster reads “The Rebellion Begins”, this Potter installment takes place a few years later from the previous movie. At the risk of spoiling the plot; I will only reveal that Harry is faced with more difficulties than ever before. An act of self-defense may result in expulsion from Hogwarts. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is chock-full of special effects, new characters, and of course the ever elusive Lord Voldemort. Will Harry finally conquer The Dark Lord? Will the Ministry of Magic stand in his way by teaching only theoretical magic? How does Harry cope with his personal feelings regarding his family, friends and possible love interest? These questions are all answered while simultaneously leaving viewers with new questions.