Reasons To Join Summer Reading Program





  1. You might meet a superhero. Or just a regular hero. The theme of this year’s summer reading program is “Every Hero Has a Story,” so keep an eye out for daring missions, lifesaving adventures, and opportunities to thwart evil.
  2. You might BECOME a superhero. When you are reading about all kinds of heroes vanquishing villains and doing good deeds, it’s difficult not to get inspired. You could be the next caped crusader in Okaloosa County!
  3. You could win a prize. Reading is its own gift. You learn new words — wonderful words — and experience new things through different characters. But libraries also want you to read as much as you can, and there just might be special tokens to reward you for your hard work. For every ten books you read you can visit our Reading Store and choose a prize. We will also have food coupons to local food vendors.
  4. A library is a good place to hide. Maybe you are trying to get out of helping with the dishes. Maybe you are hoping someone else will walk the dog. Every library has amazing nooks to curl up in with a book and . . . Just. Get. Lost.
  5. Librarians like the company of readers. Librarians are like heroes. They are the gatekeepers to stories, and they always seem to know how to pick just the right book for just the right person. They would know what you would like and would love the chance to help you figure it out.
  6. Air-conditioning. Let’s face it: it is HOT in the summer. Tree-house reading is great, but what could be better than pulling open a door to a rush of cool air and knowing that you can browse the stacks of fiction, nonfiction, comics, and magazines and linger as long as you like?
  7. You Could Make some real friends. Some of our best friends are huge readers. They recommend books to one another constantly and talk about what they liked and what they didn’t like and what they plan to read next. They are true readers, super readers, and kindred spirits. Stories connect us all.
  8. You Could Make Some virtual friends We meet people in books. Not real people, but sometimes the kind of people we’d like to be or would like to know.
  9. It’s good to have a library card. A library card is like a membership card that says “You are welcome here.” You are welcome to pick a book, many books (up to 15 at one time), and read to your heart’s content. It says: You belong here.
  10. If you want to go everywhere, experience everything, climb mountains, trek deserts, ride in a rocket, go to the moon — open a library book. Not many of us can say we have done these things: traveled widely or had epic adventures, faced down danger or fought bravely against injustice. But you can have those experiences through books — and reading those stories will change you.


Compiled by Kate DiCamillo the CSLP National Summer Reading Champion and a two-time Newbery Award winner.


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