Video Game Policy

Video Games Circulation Rules
1.  Video Games are available for patrons over the age of twelve or with parental approval using the adult’s library card.
2.  Mature rated games are available only to patrons over the age of eighteen.
3.  Patrons are only allowed to checkout two games per checkout (no more than four games per family) .
4.  Video Games can be checked out for two weeks and renewed … an additional two weeks if the game has no holds. All games must come back to the library for renewal (no phone renewals).
5.  Video Games that are returned past their due date will have a $3 per day late charge.  Patrons who are continuously late will have their game privilege revoked.
6.  Damage to the game disc or to the game’s cover will require an additional fee to clean and/or replace the disc, or to repair the cover. Patrons are responsible for all items taken home from the library.
Enjoy playing today!

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