Legendary Story


I Am Legend is a remake from the book, of the same title, originally penned in 1954 by Richard Matheson. This version of the story occurs in modern times with a look into the future. The special effects are nothing short of spectacular; think “Day After Tomorrow” in terms of sweeping, vast, cavernous CGI shots of Manhattan following a catastrophic event. 

While the movie was impressive in terms of special effects, equally impressive was the “human” element. I couldn’t help but to observe the similarities between Will Smith’s character and Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Both men were forced to live a life of isolation and must learn to deal with all the emotions that “accompany” their loss. Initially there is only one main character and therefore there is not a lot of dialogue. Another character/sidekick does exist however neither has speaking roles but charismatic nonetheless.

Consider yourself warned, this movie is not about surviving a natural disaster, as in the previously mentioned movies, rather it is something more sinister.