Another romantic comedy

Fresh from the Valentines Day bliss; I thought it was time to post a light-hearted film. Calling all “lovers” of romantic comedies; I Could Never Be Your Woman is the movie for you. This movie observes the life of a single, working mother who is raising a 13 year old daughter. Michelle Pfeiffer’s character has her hands full and doesn’t have time for anything else….that is until fate intervenes (with a few visits from mother nature). Pfeiffer stars as a sitcom writer who meets a charming, young actor during his audition for one of her shows. While you may be thinking “This film has already been done”; this one is a bit different.

There is a lot of physical comedy commingled with innuendo and satire. Overall this was a wonderful, feel-good movie about the possibility of finding love in your 40s even if that love is accompanied by someone much younger. On the topic of age, this movie addresses society’s obsession with youth. After all, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts rather it’s what is inside that really matters. If you check-out this film – I hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts.

Finally, it has begun

It has been awhile since my last post. Sorry for the delay, however there is a good reason for this. Our library is in the initial stages of constructing our building’s expansion. This is very exciting news! I want to share my excitement, so I’ve decided to keep a “photo journal” of the construction.  Please see the Flickr photo strip for the latest pictures. 

Animated EmoticonsI will keep you posted with

pertinent information as we near completion.