Friendship in a post 9/11 world


Reign Over Me is an honest look at how one man deals with his reality following the aftermath of 9/11. One of the main characters played by Adam Sandler lost his family from this tragic event. Sandler’s character becomes introverted as a means to cope with his loss. However one fateful day he is reunited with an old college roommate which  sets in motion a sequence of cathartic events. Ultimately this movie is about all of the emotions connected to love, loss, family, and friendship. What did you think of this movie?

New Computers, yay!!


So as many of  you know, Mondays (and sometimes Fridays) are very busy days at our library. Whether you’re researching material for homework, playing video games, chatting online with friends, shopping or simply emailing – we’re happy that you’re enjoying the latest technology offered by our library.

Due to the ever increasing number of computer users; we have purchased 4 new computers for public use. Exciting, huh? Once we’ve completely installed all of the necessary software, the additional computers will be ready for you to enjoy your time in our library. If you have time (and you’re interested) please take a moment to fill out our survey about the library’s noise level. Thanks. 

Click Here to take a survey about the library’s noise level.

Awesome special effects

Have you seen this movie? It was awesome. If you grew up watching the cartoon or playing with Transformers then you will certainly understand the fanfare. Even if you didn’t do either, you will be a fan after watching this movie. It is loaded with some pretty cool special effects, humor, and even a little romance. Awwww.

The DVD was released on Oct. 16th and we just got our copy. You will probably have to reserve this movie as there will be a virtual line of people waiting to see it as well. After you’ve seen it, how about sharing your thoughts.

Good or great movie?


The Ultimate Gift seems to be a popular movie. If you’re looking for a movie with a positive message about the “gifts” in life – this is the movie for you. One of our library employees thoroughly enjoyed this movie and is always recommending it to our patrons.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Welcome to our New Blog

When browsing for movies, have you ever thought to yourself :
“Wonder what everyone else thought of this movie?”
Well now you and other patrons can post your comments about said movies. If you thought the movie was great, or not, tell us why.Then you can decide whether or not you want to check out that movie.
Think of this blog as your blog or virtual community. Leave or read comments posted by your fellow library patrons. It’s easy to leave a comment. Just click the comment link and enter your comment.